Day #16: Love-hate relationship

Maybe it is because I spend my time on other things
That he begs for attention
Never letting me too far out of reach,
Always pulling me back
Then, tripping me up with long limbs.

I just can’t wait until he is quiet
Because I am tired and just want to get stuff done
Cross off the items on my list of things to do
But he is out of control,
Crashing and banging into everything
Gobbling everything up in his path
Including items he is not suppose to touch
After a tug-of-war, I get the pieces back
All covered with grime.

I know I seem harsh
But we have a love-hate relationship,
My vacuum and I.

Day 13: The Empty Glass

Tonight, we would have a fancy dinner,
Taking turns cooking in the kitchen
Laughing over spices.
It would not be just-right without dessert,
Scooping vanilla, peanut butter, and chocolate chips
Talking about world-issues
Ending up with a movie not-yet-seen
Planted in front of the tv
Cuddling over drama

But all of that just disappeared…
As soon as I saw the empty glass.

Day 11: I wonder…

I wonder how it would be between us
If I broke every promise I gave you,
Dismissed your pleas,
If I blatantly ignored your feelings,
Over mine.

I wonder how it would be between us
If I spent every minute of my life,
Doing whatever I wanted,
If I constantly chose something else,
Over you.

Day #9: Metamorphosis

I thought of writing a poem about a butterfly today. I looked up the different stages of development: (1) egg, (2) larva (caterpillar), (3) pupa (chrysalis), and (4) butterfly. I decided to focus on the perspective of a caterpillar. If it took the perspective of a human- what would it say about its life?

Everyone knows we come from eggs.
It is God’s design.
We are all born into a beautiful, green landscape
With plenty of food to eat
So we may grow and expand
Until we reach our “perfect” size.

Then we are finished with God’s work
And we are given the means
To create a holy sanctuary
Where we go to rest
In eternal peace.