Day #17: Currently

watching        college softball, college basketball, Lucifer, & Grey’s Anatomy

listening         to PHOX, Shakey Graves, Lake Street Dive, & Sam Hunt

appreciating   the wood stove, warm tea, books, sleep, & snow days

loving              my four cuddly cats, two beautiful daughters, & myself

eating              organic foods, gluten-free, & paleo diet

drinking          tea with honey & water with lemon slices

wishing           for nothing… I am trying to “be” what I want

planning         plants, shrubs, and trees for a new landscape design

reading          professional books, YA books, lots of Twitter posts & SOLs

Day #16: Love-hate relationship

Maybe it is because I spend my time on other things
That he begs for attention
Never letting me too far out of reach,
Always pulling me back
Then, tripping me up with long limbs.

I just can’t wait until he is quiet
Because I am tired and just want to get stuff done
Cross off the items on my list of things to do
But he is out of control,
Crashing and banging into everything
Gobbling everything up in his path
Including items he is not suppose to touch
After a tug-of-war, I get the pieces back
All covered with grime.

I know I seem harsh
But we have a love-hate relationship,
My vacuum and I.

Day #15: Writing Prompts

Teachers always use writing prompts… I admit that I have used them several times and got some amazing writing out of kids. To get kids to be able to write from a prompt, I start it with my writing. I look at the prompt, brainstorm a list of ideas, and then I start to write off the cuff. I also take ideas from the captive audience (but not too many… this is my story after all). Then, I just end on a cliff hanger… the students want me to write more, but I turn the pen over to them.  This allows students to start writing from where I left off, they can choose one of the ideas from the brainstorm list, or use one of their own ideas. Students love this process for a number of reasons- they see me taking risks and writing (if the teacher can do it, I can), they get a list of ideas (most kids just don’t know where to start), and they actually own the process rather than feeling like they are being controlled by it. There are some great books and resources online to use. Today I have decided to use prompts from the book 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

The greatness of sandwiches…

I love eating sandwiches for lunch, sometimes for breakfast. There is just something about a well-designed sandwich that can make your day. A great sandwich starts with its foundation–the bread. It is important to decide what you are actually going to do to the bread before you make your sandwich… are you going to grill it, toast it, or use it right out of the bag?  The kind and type of “bread” is also important, because it can make or break a great sandwich. Plus, it depends how much “stuff” you can stuff on (or in) it. Is it regular sandwich size or thickly sliced? Maybe you want a wrap or an english muffin. Maybe rosemary or garlic is your flavor of the month? One thing I don’t like on my sandwich is condiments. I use other items like cheese and veggies to add the moisture and flavor. My favorite sandwich creation is the CEBACLT- rotisserie chicken, boiled egg, bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. I personally like to use Havarti cheese; however, in a pinch I use cheddar. Of course, given my dietary requirements, I use gluten-free 7 ancient grain bread, toasted with the cheese on it. It has lots of protein and lots of flavor… and it is pretty huge, so good luck eating it without making a mess or embarrassing yourself. In the end, people won’t remember that part… they will just want your sandwich.

Day 13: The Empty Glass

Tonight, we would have a fancy dinner,
Taking turns cooking in the kitchen
Laughing over spices.
It would not be just-right without dessert,
Scooping vanilla, peanut butter, and chocolate chips
Talking about world-issues
Ending up with a movie not-yet-seen
Planted in front of the tv
Cuddling over drama

But all of that just disappeared…
As soon as I saw the empty glass.

Day 11: I wonder…

I wonder how it would be between us
If I broke every promise I gave you,
Dismissed your pleas,
If I blatantly ignored your feelings,
Over mine.

I wonder how it would be between us
If I spent every minute of my life,
Doing whatever I wanted,
If I constantly chose something else,
Over you.

Day #10: Metamorphosis (cont.)

This is a continuation from Day #9. This is from the perspective of the pupa in its chrysalis. (This is what really happens to the pupa- watch here)

Hummm… this is not what I expected.
I am not sleepy at all.
Actually, this is getting pretty uncomfortable.
My legs are getting tingly and my insides feel funny.
Maybe I ate the wrong leaves…
Maybe I didn’t eat enough leaves…
Maybe I ate too many leaves…

Ohhhh….I’m cramping, I’m cramping up.
Maybe it is because I am hanging upside down.
Should I turn around?
Ok. Here I go…

Ouch! Oh my God!
I just lost a leg. My leg just fell off!
Wait! What is happening?
I’m melting… I’m melting…