New Year’s Resolution

Well, it is the start of another year. It is time to reflect back over my life this year. I know that I should not be such a black hat and celebrate all of my accomplishments. However, if I could sum up one word about my life last year it was… STRESSFUL. And when I ask myself the question, “Am I truly happy?” I guess I am truly not.

So, back to the drawing board… I need to highlight and fix some parts of my life that are causing me the most stress.

Stressor 1: My job- Being a teacher is hard work. I get that. But I always feel like I am behind the 8 ball. I want my students working harder than I am, and right now that is not happening. Lessons are disjointed, and my students are struggling with learning independently. Its January and they still can’t follow basic procedures for learning even though we have been practicing them since September (and there are anchor charts!)

Solution 1: Thank god for Matt Miller and the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit. I realized that I could utilize technology to help me achieve my goals in the classroom thanks to @mrmatera@hollyclarkedu@tanyaavrith@ericcurts@jcorippo@kellyihilton ‏,  @lhighfill ‏, @SARAHLANDIS, and @spencerideas

So, I am taking some online courses and becoming Google Certified (Level 1). I am going to work smarter so my students can work harder and more independently.

Stressor 2: My books- I know this seems really crazy, but I am a book whore. One of the professional highlights of last year is that I was accepted on the Maine Student Book Award Committee. I use a lot of books in my teaching, and I am always looking for the next best book to convert non-readers to readers. To quote one of my darling students, “I don’t hate reading, but I just like reading this book.” The problem is I don’t have enough room for my books, and I can’t find the right book when I need it. Some are in storage, some are at school, some are at home. And of course, what I need is not where I need it.

Solution 2: Build a bookshelf at home. I have designed a book shelf that will cover one part of my living room wall and will house over 600 books. Phew! Now,  I will be able to find everything I need and catalog my books.

Stressor 3: No energy- Well, I have been feeling a little depressed and dumpy lately. I’ve turned into a couch potato and have been eating like one. It’s time I treated my body with respect.

Solution 3: Eat healthy meals and workout. One of the best presents I gave myself is Beach Body on Demand. I used to do P90X, and I loved it. But it is expensive buying the next program and the next. And sometimes it is nice to just try something different. I also got a Fitbit Alta for Christmas and it is helping me to track my lifestyle decisions… It also looks like I need to drink more water and get more sleep 🙂

Stressor 4: Empty well- I really don’t take enough time for myself to recharge. I notice that I don’t have as much patience with others most days. My days are filled with obligation, after obligation. I know when you are an adult you have responsibilities, but it is unhealthy to always be adulting every second of the day.

Solution 4: Read. Read. Read. And take naps, cuddle with my cats, write, go for a walk, hang out with my friends and kids, cook something new, go see a play… I am going to choose one thing that I can do for myself to bring me peace and happiness, and do it. No questions asked!


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