Teachers Write 7.10.17

I am so excited that my sister asked me to join Kate Messner’s Teacher Write 2017.  Today’s focus is how setting can provide a vehicle for character development/analysis. So today, I took the perspective of one of my teenage daughters. I recently moved to a small town about 1.5 hours away from our “original” home that was a bedroom community for a small city. Both of my daughters have struggled with the change of scenery, and the transition from their dads (in the city) to my house (in the country). This writing piece is a work in progress because I haven’t quite accomplished the effect that I wanted to create (resentful and lost to finding solace and a sense of belonging or home).

Here is my very rough draft:

I’m in the middle of absolute no-where.
Blocked in by trees
Frustrated with the lame internet service
Nothing is loading…
My texts are not sending…
Why did my mom even move to this place?
So far from civilization, from my friends
In the middle of freakin’ no-where.

As I sit here on a screened in porch
Birds are chirping, animals are scurrying, bugs are zooming by
But I’m not getting any notifications
I’m not going anywhere.
Trapped by the wilderness.
All alone.


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