Day #28

Am I training my students to have learned helplessness (or a fixed mindset)?

Yesterday, I started reading a professional book about reading instruction (Who’s Doing the Work? by Jan Burkins & Kim Yaris) that really got me to thinking. Am I denying my students the problem-solving process that leads to learning (and independent, life-long reading), because I am uncomfortable with their struggle?

I know better. I really do. Maybe it is the pressure of meeting the standards/targets. Maybe it the pressure of time. Maybe it is the pressure of fitting in. Maybe it is the pressure of responsibility. Maybe I just forgot who I am as a teacher and the art of teaching.

I need to go back to my heart. To what feels right, and makes students grow as readers. I have to remember that learning is a journey, and we are all in it for the long haul. Together, as a community of readers.

I am so happy that I found this book (shout-out thanks to my sister). It has realigned my teaching compass. I am back on the path. I can’t wait to chart my new course for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day #28

  1. What a wonderful feeling to be re-aligned as a teacher! I wonder how many teachers feel the way you started to feel? Your use of repetition is so effective, as it drives home the uncertainty we all feel about our craft. I think going back to your heart is a fine start. Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite- “Follow your heart, Pedro. It’s what I do.” Ha! Great post, thank you 🙂


  2. I love everything about this. I don’t have that book…yet…but I have heard amazing things about it. My favorite part “I need to go back to my heart. To what feels right” resonated with me on so many levels. This is exactly what we need to do. Thank you for this post!


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