Day #22: Six 6-word memoirs

  1. Slow to warm, but will stay.
  2. Older, but still gets kiddie menu.
  3. Truth: Perfectionists can never be perfect.
  4. Close your eyes. Deep breath… Jump!
  5. What’s the cosmic significance of this?
  6. Sleeper: Dreams are warmer than life.

8 thoughts on “Day #22: Six 6-word memoirs

  1. I love that you have 6 six word memoirs. The sequence gives you some wiggle room when you have more than six words worth of things today. (My post today is 9 linked haiku for the same reason!) My favorite is “Close your eyes. Deep breath…jump!” Most of my best teaching experiences come from days where I felt like I was stepping off a cliff, not quite sure what would happen with my new idea, but having the faith to jump in and give it a try.


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