Day #19: Phone Number Poem

2- Jekyll & Hyde

0-A rollercoaster ride

7-Always up and down, round and round

9-Making my stomach churn and heave with nervous tension

4-Wondering when it is

6-Going to all come crashing down

3-Praying for peace

3-Praying for help

4-Searching for some clarity

2-For freedom

I am not sure about the ending of this poem. The #2 just doesn’t feel quite right. I was thinking about changing it to 2- To leave.. or To change,  but those really weren’t quite right either. I’m just looking for two words that make it all stop… the stress, the chaos, the uncertainty… to be free from chains/burdens/repression/abuse. Maybe I will try to play with this one before the end of the month.

3 thoughts on “Day #19: Phone Number Poem

  1. Sometimes we need to let our first attempt rest and keep coming back top it to find how it will ring truest for us.

    I am really intrigued by this format. I will need to play around with it some.


  2. I look forward to trying out this format because I haven’t tried it yet. Sometimes, I like to walk away from a piece of writing for awhile in order to allow it to marinate. Then, I often find that when I finally revisit the piece, I’m able to look at it with fresh eyes.


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