Day #18: Stamina (or lack of…)

Well, it is Day #18, and yesterday I hit the ceiling on my writing. My writing muscles are very weak, and I have reached the day in my writing routine when they are just plain spent. I cannot lift a hand to write (or a finger or two to type). Words are not forming in my mind. There is just nothing… blank space baby.

Because of this discomfort, I am regressing to my proverbial “safety blanket” — reading. I am reading up a storm. I don’t want to put a book down. I went to the library took out 6 books about gardening, went to Goodwill and grabbed two more books, and went to the MSL 5-for-5 program and grabbed 9 YA books. I am rationalizing my inability to write today by saying, “Hey, you are a great reader! It is ok. You just have writer’s block. Everyone gets it. You are just reading so much to get inspiration.”

Actually, I am just procrastinating because I don’t think I can be a writer today. Actually, it’s because I don’t think I am a writer. I am just trying to be one. And right now, I am not succeeding. To take an idea from the book I am reading (Switch by C. Heath & D. Heath): my elephant is stuck in the mud, my rider is exhausted, and I lost the path.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a different day. That I will find my muse again. That the rest I get tonight will rejuvenate my tired muscles… so I can last (and be productive) the 13 more days of SOL Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Day #18: Stamina (or lack of…)

  1. I know the writing fatigue that you speak of, and it casts a lot of doubt on our hopes to be writers. You’ll find your muse again, in the meantime, enjoy the comfort you find in books.


  2. “Actually, it’s because I don’t think I am a writer. I am just trying to be one.”

    That’s sounds like me, I’m definitely a wannabe noob. Except I noob again and again and again…

    But I notice something.. I’m commenting to be part of the commenting challenge this weekend, and as I read fellow Slicer’s stuff, I get ideas about things I might write about.

    Yours helped. So honest and reflective about what’s on your mind NOW. Thank you for your inspiration!


  3. I love what you wrote! When you can’t think of something to write about, reflect about that and write about your feelings…just like you did. Very honest and very well done. ~JudyK


  4. I love the realness in this post. You are not alone! You are, however, a writer. In my Twitter bio I list myself as a writer-in-training. I’m not J.K. Rowling, but I’m practicing this writing habit–so I’m a writer and you are, too!


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