Day #10: Metamorphosis (cont.)

This is a continuation from Day #9. This is from the perspective of the pupa in its chrysalis. (This is what really happens to the pupa- watch here)

Hummm… this is not what I expected.
I am not sleepy at all.
Actually, this is getting pretty uncomfortable.
My legs are getting tingly and my insides feel funny.
Maybe I ate the wrong leaves…
Maybe I didn’t eat enough leaves…
Maybe I ate too many leaves…

Ohhhh….I’m cramping, I’m cramping up.
Maybe it is because I am hanging upside down.
Should I turn around?
Ok. Here I go…

Ouch! Oh my God!
I just lost a leg. My leg just fell off!
Wait! What is happening?
I’m melting… I’m melting…


One thought on “Day #10: Metamorphosis (cont.)

  1. such an interesting thought to ponder—now I wonder what those pupa experience from their perspective in a whole new way!


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