Day #7: Professional Book (cont.)

Well, this book took me two days to finish… but it was chock full of ideas and how to focus on learning instead of teaching.

A few (I use this term loosely…) key points from Antonetti & Garver (in day two) that really resonated with me were…

  • Competition is only engaging when you have a pretty good chance of winning.
  • Learning with Others without Personal Response is just a matter of taking turns.
  • The action of posting an objective prior to anticipatory set often reduces students’ flexibility and depth of thinking- along with levels of student volunteerism- as the learners try to guess the teacher’s predetermined answer.
  • Introduce strategies outside of the content area and with ideas familiar to students before attempting to use it with new learning.
  • Content differentiation has three components: (1) concept, (2) skill, and (3) vehicle. Concepts should not be differentiated; however, the vehicle should be differentiated to make the concepts more accessible to all students.
  • Personal Response is about making a connection. Choice is about control. With Personal Response, you get to decide your answer to the question. With Choice, you get to decide the question.
  • Build individual thinkers, not just repeaters.
  • To facilitate the learning of 28 different students, a teacher does not need to become 28 teachers. Rather, the work he or she plans should allow the 28 students to own their own learning.
  • Assessment distinguishes between teaching and learning. Assessment for learning (formative) versus assessment of learning (summative)
  • RTI (Response to Intervention)… should it be RTI (Response to Instruction)?
  • Efficient versus effective dichotomy: What I can do quickly and proficiently may not lead to the deepest and most long-lasting results.
  • Closure is a final moment of Personal Response.

The authors have referenced so many great thinkers/teachers/researchers (i.e. Schlechty- 8 (originally 12 standards) engaging work qualities, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Madeline Hunter, Richard Stiggins, etc.).

You can try and check out the archived webinar from ASCD here. I really enjoyed it!

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